Special romantic offer for April 2013!

Posted on Fri March 22, 2013 in Couple time.

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Twenty years is a loooong time, a friend told me. She shared this happy celebration with her husband the other day.
Yes, the thought to kill him sometimes crossed her mind, she agreed with the popular joke, but it took hard work not to end up in the divorce court.
She is a woman who knows what she is talking about because she is a family psychologist.
I was shocked. She and her husband always appear to be happy.
She laughed when I mentioned this. Yes, they are happy, she replied, but in the 25 years she has practiced as a family psychologist she has never met a couple without any marital problems.
When they visit her, it is obvious they have a problem, I challenged her negative view on marriage as a supposed to be happy bonding.
Every individual experiences a personal growth over years. You have 2 people in a relationship, both experienced a personality growth. They are not the same people who married 20 years ago. Obviously their relationship has also grown. There will be a few problems along the way.”
Before she bursed my bubble about happiness, she assured me that, yes, it is a fact that all couples will experience these problems. But …
“That is why a happy marriage is hard work! Communication …:
I interrupted her, because that fact we all know by now.
“Yes, but do you know communicating means more than just talking?” she asked.
Communication on a physical level as well, that is the secret. Too many couples start getting used to the same boring sex life. It is time you start talking about sex. It is astonishing that two people who have known each other intimately for 20 years can’t talk about sex!”
That is the secret to her happy marriage, se announced. Communication + sex = a happy marriage!