Spa Treatment to try for this weekend at Vaalnest Spa

Posted by Collen on Thu October 1, 2015 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

The Desert Glow Exfoliation Treatment is blend of the finest organic ingredients mixed together to form a base used to coat your skin to leave it feeling fresh and well balanced. All this and more for just R220 p/p exclusive at Vaalnest Spa.

Unveil lustrously smooth skin with a personalised blend of the desired Kalahari Exfoliation Medium with a hydrating blend of nourishing botanical oils. Become one with Kalahari by being indulged in in a delightful exfoliation experience used to buff away dry and dull skin to leave your skin feeling stimulated and revitalized. This treatment can used with the Desert Mineral Exfoliator that incorporates the Khoi San Aromatic Blend fragrance for a truly majestic natural smell. Take this treatment further by revealing your unique natural desert glow with Body Sugar Buff Exfoliation that contains unique Botanical oils which buff away dry, unwanted skin cells to leave your skin feeling soft and radiant.

Other options with Treatment include:

•Desert Mineral Crystal Exfoliation

•Red Dune Sand Exfoliation

•Aloe Fibre Exfoliation

•Body Sugar Buff Exfoliation

•African Coffee Buff Exfoliation

Consult our Therapists for options with this treatment, all skin types are different and the results of each treatment can be different form person to person. To get the best out of this treatment consult our therapist for the best blend of Kalahari products and also purchase the Retail Body Range Products to complete your body buffing and soaking treatment.



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