Spa Treatment product review with Vaalnest Spa

Posted by Collen on Thu October 15, 2015 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

Spa products to use for your face after getting the best facial treatment at Vaalnest Spa.

Facial Treatments from Vaalnest are popular amongst many people, those that visit us know that we take pride in the service we give and we continue to carry this tradition in the Vaalnest Spa. Our care for customers goes beyond just giving them the best facial, we also make various products available for purchase so that you carry on the treatment at the comfort of your home. Here are two products that Vaalnest recommends for purchase once you get your facial done: 

Oily Skin Correction Lotion: A skin Correction gel-based lotion for the treatment of mildly problematic skin. This soothing lotion reduces irritation and breakouts, leaving the skin smooth and blemish-free

Radiance Day Serum: A day time treatment serum which not only moisturises, but also rejuvenates the skin. This intensive anti-ageing and oil-free treatment serum melts into the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and replenished.

Get the best care for your skin with our wide range of Kalahari Facial Products, purchase the Oily Skin Correction Lotion for only R188 and purchase the Radiance Day Serum for just R133. Book your Day Visit Packages at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel and get the best treatment for your skin all from our professional therapist with advanced Kalahari product knowledge.


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