sailing fun

Posted on Sat May 18, 2013.

Amidships- Condition of being surrounded by boats
Anchor- A device designed to bring up mud samples from the bottom at inopportune or unexpected times.
Anchor Light -A small light used to discharge the battery before daylight.
Anchor windlass -Either hand cranked or electrically operated, a winch used, when the anchor is stuck on the bottom, to try to pull the bow of the boat under water.
Backstay -What unsteady folks should do in heavy weather
Beam Sea -A situation in which waves strike a boat from the side, causing it to roll unpleasantly. This is one of the four directions from which wave action tends to produce extreme physical discomfort. The other three are ‘bow sea’ (waves striking from the front), ‘following sea’ (waves striking from the rear), and ‘quarter sea’ (waves striking from any other direction).
Berth -A little addition to the crew.
Board- Informal word for centerboard, dagger board, or, when making threats to children of some guests, State Corrections Board.
BOAT-Break out another thousand
Boat hook -A long pole that allows you to be pulled overboard while reaching for the mooring buoy when the skipper fails to slow down soon enough.
Boom -Called boom for the sound that’s made when it hits crew in the head on its way across the boat. For slow crew, it’s called “boom, boom.”

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