The SABS Audit

Posted by Collen on Thu March 12, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Responsible Tourism is strategic, therefore we must know what makes our client happy.

On the 10th of March, 2015 Vaalnest Boutique Hotel opened the doors to the Auditors of SABS, and as per EST Compliance, the South African Bureau of Standards, SABS was promulgated in 1945 under the "National Standards Act". It then established a subsidiary body of the South African Department of Trade and Industry. South Africa SABS is a neutral third-party certification body responsible for South Africa's system certification and product certification.  Having understood what SABS is all about, it gives one the idea of how much the certification of approval in Responsible Tourism really means. We were chosen by the National Tourism Body as a pilot in Responsible Tourism, what this means is we are prepared to lead and provide good products and services to our clients. We want to build a long term relationship with those clients because Vaalnest believes in sustainable development especially when communities are involved. We were audited by the SABS along with their assessor for the Responsible Tourism certificate making us the first Boutique hotel in South Afrca to undergo such an assessment. As the managers and directors of Vaalnest we hope to obtain this certificate very soon and cement ourselves in the tourism industry. So according to the EST Compliance the SABS certification mark is compulsory in addition to standard-setting duties, hence this certification is widely used in chemicals, biological products, textile products and clothing, machinery products, safety equipment, electrical products, civil engineering and construction, as well as in areas such as automotive products. In recent years, SABS certification has become the South African government to control imports of important weight. Keep visiting our web for more information and also on the About Us page to view our Achievements.