SABS Audit: Vaalnest to obtain a Certificate for Responsible Tourism

Posted by Collen on Wed May 13, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

According DTI, Responsible Tourism also generates revenues for environmental conservation and management. Research has shown that consumers around the world are increasingly aware of the potential impact of their tourism spend, with socially responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism becoming a leading market segment globally, so what does that mean for a hotel like us? Well over the past years since we have been in operation, our mission was to establish ourselves in the tourism industry by creating job opportunity in and around the environment we work in. indeed we have been successful which begs the question why then responsible tourism, who does that appeal to. As a company we thought about the longevity of our operation and how we can help the community also what people should understand about us and the environment we are working in.

Research shows that around the world some people are aware of the environmental challenges the world faces so we took it upon us to lower our carbon footprint. By doing so it helps us to market our product in an efficient conducive manner. The SABS audited our product, services and our company as a whole, as mentioned we were chosen as the first hotel in South Africa to undergo this audit makes Vaalnest cement its market in the tourism industry to be leaders of our generation. We aim to obtain this certificate and share that experience with our clients. Responsible Tourism allows us to understand the industry we are working in and what impact we have in the industry and the planet as a whole. More importantly we have to commit ourselves for years to come so let’s conserve our planet and support local brands. Keep checking in on our blog for more information 

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