Rules to live by for the sailor

Posted on Sun April 28, 2013.

Vaal Marina, the Home town of the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, is a popular playground for yachting enthusiasts who love sailing on the Vaal Dam.
If you are a beginner, you have to take note of certain safety rules:
Avoid sailing on days where the wind is above force 4. Calm waters are the best for sailing as well as low traffic.
Research wind and weather conditions before sailing.
• It is possible, but not always a good idea to sail in rainy weather.
• If you are a beginner, buy a smaller boat that is easier to handle. You can always upgrade as you get better. One sail is also a perfect starting point as it is less complicated to handle.
Make sure you follow the basic safety guidelines, such as having a flotation device. If you are going sailing alone, always tell someone before the time.
Understand sailing controls. Know what changes to make to the sail in the different wind and water conditions.
• When you first get your boat, capsize on purpose. You need to learn in a calm environment how to get out of the situation.
• If you can, it is a good idea to go on a basic sailing course and invest in some good yachting books that you can keep on board for emergencies.
• Learn your sailing terms. These are the ten most important ones to research: starboard, port, aft, bow, leeward, windward, boom, rudder, tacking, jibing. These terms will come in handy when doing a sailing course or even when buying a boat.