Royal Weddings…

Posted on Mon November 23, 2009.

Glitz! Glamour! Style! Impeccable taste!
Close your eyes and try to imagine this scene (well, don’t stop reading, just imagine closing your eyes) – a beautiful bride, dressed in designer couture, graciously steps out of a sleek limousine and follows a trail of rose petals and fairy lights through the fragrant garden to where she meets her beloved in the chapel. Surrounded by friends and family, and hundreds of roses and lanterns, they declare their everlasting, undying love for each other.
Ah, the bliss of romance! Sigh… No, you haven’t spotted me pecking away a tear! Sniff…
Have your “big day” at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, and leave all the boring planning and stressful details in the capable hands of my staff and on-site co-ordinator, while you get pampered and spoiled and all dolled up to look beeeeeeautiful!
Birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, business conferences, launches, and oh, did I mention PARTIES? We here at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel host any type of event and (hee hee) party up a storm anytime.
You might just get lucky and spot me doing a sexy rumba, or the electric slide, or I might even pull out all the stops and honour you with my striking imitation of MJ’s moonwalk.
For an old bird, I still have a surprising number of moves up my sleeve…er…wing….
You know, it has been rumoured that Elvis was once spotted by paparazzi impersonating the “Reggie-House Rock”!
I choose not to comment, but as my old friend, the king himself, said: – “Thank you, thank you very much.”