Royal Summons

Posted on Fri December 18, 2009.

When last – if ever – have you received a royal summons?  Consider this one.  You are invited to visit me – His Royal – and impossibly handsome – Highness King Reginald Casper the Third at my splendid abode – the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel situated on the banks of the mighty Vaal Dam in the quaint and picturesque holiday town, Vaal Marina.

Avail yourself of my famous hospitality and experience an indulgent and decadent break-away that will re-charge your batteries and fire your pistons, so to speak.  Allow my highly trained staff to spoil you rotten and to attend to your every wish.  Whether you want an action packed, highly adventurous weekend that will satisfy your craving for highly-sought-after addictive adrenaline shots or just a leisurely and luxurious pampering that will leave you feeling deliciously boneless and sinfully relaxed.  Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is the place to be.  Why wait?  RSVP to my invite by phoning your reservation through to 016 372 1075.  See you soon!