Royal family…

Posted on Tue December 1, 2009.

I, King Reginald Casper the Third, proclaim today as “World Sunshine Day.” Don’t you just luuuurve warm summer holidays in Vaal Marina? Sunshine, water, friends, and of course the luxury of residing in Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, aaaah the good life…
I recall the tale of an incident that happened not so long ago, about a young bird who had nothing more than a dream in his heart and a few pennies in his pocket. The brave young lad set out with hopes and plans to conquer the whole wide world but instead found love in the wings of a beautiful little lady – alas, mum and dad.
Together, our hero and his bride chose the best spot they could find to build their dream nest, and they decided to call it Vaalnest.
It wasn’t long, though, before Dad’s spirit for adventure got the best of him, and together with mum, they set out on a great world tour, hoping to uncover mystic ruins, catch a glimpse of the pyramids, and perch on the Eiffel Tower.
This all sounded like way too much trouble for their enticingly handsome son (wink wink), and he was left in charge of their stunning home. He quickly proceeded to make the most of it, and together with his old friend, Pelicanus Rufescens, transformed it into Vaalnest Boutique Hotel.
Guests travel from afar yearning to experience just one night in the captivating, peaceful surroundings on offer.
I am glad to report that none of them ever leave disappointed!
Not so eagerly awaiting mum and dad’s return… Mum can be a real old bat sometimes…