Ronda….Ronda… (Sigh!!)

Posted on Fri April 9, 2010.

I was to pop the big question to the lucky lady soon. But first things first. I had to get to know her name and then take her on a romantic ride around my kingdom. I was thinking that a ride on a speedboat would do fine. Not a good idea, uh? I shouldn’t ruffle her delicate feathers too soon – there would be enough time for that on the honeymoon, wink-wink. No, I would rather wine and dine her at the top notch restaurant at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel and let her see for herself all the VIP’s frequenting the bar and making use of the sparkling pool. We’ll have the restaurant’s famous ribs for dinner and lots and lots of exotic, fruity cocktails. Maybe I’d suggest we have our cocktails lazing around in the lukewarm and starlit pool? I’m sure my milady would look swell in a bikini. I would be the envy of every ogling and roving eye here in Vaal Marina.

Yeah, bring it on!

Her name was Ronda. Beautiful, amazing R-R-Ronda. I sighed her name to the moon, I sang it to the hills and shouted it from the rooftops. I could just picture the tabloid headlines – King Reginald soon to wed his Ronda! Reginald and Ronda. R & R. It went together so well, like rest and recuperation. We were meant to be together. Me and this wonderfully wild and winsome creature called Ronda. My beak was salivating, my claws were twitching and my feathers were ruffling. I was in a totally mind blowing state of emotional excitement. I dreamt of sharing a cozy down filled nest and raising a dozen featherless baby parrots with my Ronda. I would let her wear the crown brooch on her very lovely feather bedecked breast. Yeah, the very same brooch my grandpappy, who used to sail the seven seas with Sinbad, had taken from a Viking princess in his young and marauding years when still sowing his wild oats.