Posted by Collen on Mon September 21, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel played host to one of Europe’s biggest car manufactures, Renault on the 18th of August 2015. With their newly launched Renault Captur and the Duster, these bench mark models are set to be South Africa’s favourite when it comes to the mini SUV mark. On the lighter side of things Renault stopped at Vaalnest for a quick lunch before heading to Durban on a six hour convoy drive in their new various models ranging from the Duster which is fast becoming SAs number one mini bundu –bashing SUV, the Captur which is their recent model also graces the parking lot with its sleek look, the Megane Coupe which is a premium hatchback rivalling the likes of the VW Scirocco and even Golf GTI’s is not shy with its attractive styling and bold look as well the ladies favourite the Renault Clio and not forgetting the subtle but mature Kolios are all gazing us with their presence this afternoon. Needless to say the Renault Duster was the main attraction to the much anticipated launch that aimed to showcase the Eco Drive Challenge. The idea is to lower carbon emissions in an effect to promote Renault Duster as a 1st class choice when deciding to save fuel and save the environment. Much of the day however was celebrated as all journalists gathered around for the review. Vaalnest didn’t disappoint as we served the best buffet style meals found in the Vaal.

As Vaalnest sets to heighten its hospitality services to clients, the Renault visit was a mark to promote Vaalnest more this coming summer. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel wants to thank Renault for their support, as such Vaalnest Management were so impressed they have pledged this summer to be exciting for guests. Thank you to our in house events coordinator who had a successful run in hosting Renault, her work was immaculate and splendid to say the least. Her work ethic and tenacity really made for a welcoming event that Renault regarded as unforgettable. Our support staff played a major role as well in running the event which made work much easier for everybody. We look forward to hosting the Renault team in the near future.

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