Remember to check out our website for new itineraries to try this Festive Season

Posted by Collen on Fri October 30, 2015 in Events.

Don’t get left out this summer as we introduce our new programs that will aim to give the guest a much all rounded experience when visiting Vaalnest Boutique Hotel.

Our new programs have been selected so to bring out a luxurious experience at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, especially during the week where you can get to do all without feeling the pressure of the weekend. These guests will seem to reap the rewards of a quiet weekday, the Non adventurous program is a first of its kind, and for most though this will be an experience of a lifetime as you soak in the luxurious setting of Vaal Marina whilst exploring the horizon above. We must emphasise on the fact that these programs are designed solely to give the person a unique stay at our hotel without feeling like there is nothing to keep you on your toes. Keep Visiting our website as we list all the attractions around Vaalnest boutique Hotel flowed by 2 programs you can book with your stay which include all things to do in and around Vaal Marina and the Vaal as a whole.


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