Reinventing the guest experience

Posted by Gugu on Thu November 24, 2016 in Vaalnest News.

providing guests with an experience far more that the value for money

In today’s world we live in a world which limits us to appreciate our daily strength and effort of working hard and to just slip out of our homes and go entertain and relax our body and souls due to the cost of living that increases everyday as a liter of milk also increases whereas the quantity stays the same.

The emergence of ingenious lifestyle has changed how people view boutique hotels. These days luxury is seen as creativity and a way of telling a story through innovation. Luxury these days is affordable because people get value for their money.Even though the inflation rate has increased and our economy headed for the down lane, we always ensure we provide a service similar to that of a VIP treatment  

At Vaalnest Boutique Hotel we offer you a luxurious treat at a very low rate. For instance, when one visits our hotel they receive an experience worth more than their money. We also offer packages that are beyond any doubt. After your stay, you do feel our 4star stay as if you paid an immense amount.

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