Points of interest with regards to accommodation around the Vaal Dam.

Posted on Tue May 12, 2015.

Points of interest around accommodation within the Vaal Dam area

The local market in some areas like Deneyesville and Vaal Marina is known to offer good quality products with the range of shops, stalls and curio-shops insight of the Vaal Dam area. After all what’s a holiday without food which makes it the best way to experience the culture of that place. It should be known then that all outdoor Vaal Dam accommodation can offer great selection of places to eat, coffee shops and pubs to choose from, all situated around the Vaal Dam. With this vast land and majestic sceneries, one cannot complain about the beauty and tranquil setting this place offers. Here is a recap on what to look out for considering as packages of any Vaal Dam accommodation to keep the whole family entertained.  Some of the activities are as follows:

•Various water sports - water skiing, canoeing, sailing, kite surfing

•Bird watching- for that avid bird watcher and animal lover

•Deneysville Golf Course, Lizzard Point Golf Estate – for the fun and relaxing way to enjoy you holiday

•Casino – Emerald Casino

Vaal Dam Nature Reserve – features bird watching and other animal for those that love nature as a whole camping.

What’s interesting to know is that most places can offer these mentioned activities as packages which makes it easy for anyone to book and reserve any accommodation based on your interests. However some people opt for caravanning camping which is filled with real outdoor adventure and should sound more appealing as it allows for fishermen to even get closer to the waters on their own. As mentioned previously, the Vaal alone has so many spots for caravan camping its mind blowing, so when you research any means of Vaal Dam accommodation make sure you know the place very well and see if it also includes activities to keep the whole family entertained. However as a thought please keep in mind that the biggest problem that is facing the Vaal River System is the water quality in the Upper, Middle and Lower Vaal, and as per DWA these problems are now known to come from different pollution sources such as untreated sewage from non-functioning municipal Waste Water Treatment Works, and even Acid Mine Drainage. Other activities that are happening within the Vaal River System can also be contributors to this pollution, so when doing any water sports activities or just camping within sight of the Vaal Dam please practice environmental conservation and use the bins located onsite.

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