Playing Doctor-Doctor

Posted on Fri June 4, 2010.

The baby was to be delivered as a newborn to a couple in Vaal Marina. On her way to deliver the baby, poor Pelly contracted swine flu. She came to rest on the rooftop of the Vaalnest and that was where I, King Reginald Casper the Third, found and rescued them. We got the doc for Pelly and he prescribed some drugs and bed rest. Pelicanus was all set to administer all the caring the lady needed. He mentioned the letters R & R to all who cared to listen to him rambling as he ran back and forth with throat lozenges, chicken soup and cough meds. Pelly gave Ronda and I the address of the couple to whom the little bundle of screaming joy belonged to. We took it upon ourselves to deliver the cutie to its rightful owners. Ronda tied a little card to the baby’s wrist with the name “Reginald” written on it. I fastened a sterling silver bracelet onto the other wrist stamped with my royal seal. We then flew the baby home and delivered him into the waiting arms of his loving parents. It was great looking after the kid, but it was even greater to hear the sound of silence again. Phew!