Pelicanus Rufescens’ Splendid Weddings

Posted on Fri November 27, 2009.

My old-time best mate, Pelicanus Rufescens, an incurable romantic and pink-backed pelican, resides at Pelican Hall situated on the grounds of my castle – Vaalnest Boutique Hotel.

By this time you all know I have a roving eye and appreciate the finer things of life, especially the fine females of my species… or for that matter, any species… (wink wink), whereas Pelicanus goes all mushy and lovey-dovey when it comes to his one and only, his other half which he has not even met yet. Sigh.

Pelicanus loves to host weddings at the Pelican Hall which can easily seat 120 guests.  He jealously guard over every minute detail of each wedding and demands that arrangements go smoothly to ensure a breathtaking, fairytale coming-together of two people for life.  Pelicanus lives out his own dream of meeting his soul mate each time he hosts a wedding.  He expects only the best from his well-trained staff and his sole aim is to create an atmosphere of such tremendous intimate splendour that the lucky bride and groom will always look back on it as being the best day of their lives.

Pelicanus is rather tall – about 125 cm.  He weighs a little more, though, than he should.  He can’t resist nibbling on the delicious wedding cakes and gastronomic cuisine on offer.  He will sometimes join me for dinner on my balcony overlooking the magnificent Vaal Dam and we will speak of amour.

To his exasperation I will comment on the beautiful females I have met during the day in a most appreciative manner.  He, on the other hand, will only speak of his true love, Mrs. Pelicanus-to-be someday.  Like I said, an incurable romantic – and who better than to oversee the most beautiful weddings on earth.