Posted on Wed November 25, 2009.

Stress! (Aaaah… that horrible one-syllable word…)
It causes anxiety, split ends, moodiness, hair loss, and even the occasional pimple – my worst nightmare! Shriek!!!!!
Being the laid back, rich, relaxed, royal (excuse the alliteration) bird that I am, stress is not a word I really choose to have in my vocabulary, but time and time again I see guests arriving in my kingdom, all with the same worn-out, frightened, and stressed expressions – like they just got off the “up-down, head-over-heels, full-speed, fast-drop rollercoaster” called life.
That’s when I decide to treat them to a deluxe, exquisite, not-so-rare, wonderful morning in my castle – Vaalnest Boutique Hotel.
They start their day with a champagne breakfast on their private balcony…mmm… imagine French bubbly and decadent chocolate muffins, all while enjoying the extraordinary Vaal Dam view…
Then, after a loooong aromatic bubble bath and an even longer full-body massage at the day spa, there is not even a single sign of stress to be found on their faces.
Ooooh, the magical bliss of being pampered and spoiled silly…
I think I’m going to spend the rest of my day on my yacht… (bird watching, you know – wink wink).
Why not experience it for yourself? Book a weekend in my kingdom – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.