Oh no, not another team building session….

Posted on Thu February 21, 2013.

The boss announces a team building session.
Your immediate reaction is: Oh no, not another team building session….

At Vaal Nest Boutique Hotel in Vaal Marina we hear a lot of team building stories because lot’s of companies return to our hotel at the Vaal Dam year after year for team building sessions in our tranquil environment.
“Team building” is a phrase that is not always popular at the office. Some people hate been taken out of their comfort zone to go and do something “silly” with colleagues.
Those are the ones often enjoying the day out of the office most!
A previous team building hater admitted to me that before he discovered what team building can do for the morale of his company, he was one of those who felt uncomfortable in organized activities with co workers.
He admits his passion for team building changed after he encountered his first paint ball session with colleagues … and experienced the results of better relationships in the office afterwards!
“At first I thought it is silly for a bunch of grown ups to running around shooting at each other. To my biggest surprise I am now a big fan of team building.
That is the experience most people have when they join in the fun of a team building session at the Vaal Nest Boutique Hotel. Our team building sessions became very popular the past years because it is only an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and we offer luxurious accommodation and fine dining for the team. Some companies combine their team building sessions with a conference.
One of the advantages of having such a combination at Vaal Nest Boutique Hotel is that we have our own in-house events coordinator who organizes the whole team building and conference session for your company. All you have to do, is make the booking!