Office politics is a mind game

Posted on Sat May 4, 2013 in Conferencing & Team Building .

One of the biggest reasons why companies have to make an effort to build good relationships within a team, is to do damage control because of bad office politics.
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According to psychologists office politics can be compared with playing chess. It is a mind game as well.
If you know how to play chess you would know how to be prepared for at least the next two steps of your opponent and in your office everyone is your opponent unless you have won them over and even in that case you should be careful and never let your guard down! Chess helps in thinking and gauging what should be your next step and from where all/ who all you need to protect your assets/skills/information … who is out to hit you etc. The game of Chess teaches this and much more … take these as lessons for life and not just for the game!
Know when to speak, where to speak and with whom to speak. If only what you speak reaches wrong ears, the repercussions could be as fatal as losing your job. Need I say more? Well so the thing is that, choose your confidante carefully and refrain from making hard hitting comments against a colleague or organisation in front of people who may use it to their benefit. For most of the time people try to rise by pulling others down … if only they would aim at rising at their own with their own skills/competencies/knowledge!
Practice patience. There is no alternative. The more patient you become the less is the stress and the happier your disposition.
Learn tact. It’s a prerequisite in all that you do … and it’s an end result of all that’s discussed in previous points. No one can teach how to be tactful but everyone needs to learn it to be successful and happy!
These are only a few skills you can use in your “mind game” to survive office politics. Good luck!