…no stress

Posted on Tue December 22, 2009.

As I am a bird of royalty and unimpeachable class, I can not allow stress to spoil my strikingly sexy features. But since there is nothing manic about my Mondays… or Tuesdays… er… or for that matter, any day of the week, you will never see me with a despairing face.
Sometimes, my dear old friend, Pelicanus Rufescens, and I choose to spend a pleasant morning at the day spa – just to take the edge off – where we are pampered from perfectly manicured talons to chic highlighted feathers. Jaya Day spa is situated a convenient 30 km’s from Vaal Marina, and is home to some of the best masseuses and therapists that I know.
While relaxing in the Jacuzzi with a glass of bubbly, Pelicanus will usually ramble on about his dream wedding ceremony at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel and ponder out loud about his bride-to-be, whom he has not yet met, while I wolf-whistle and facetiously wink at the beauty therapist.
Much to my amusement, Pelicanus will be quite flabbergasted with my bold as brass attempts to catch the little lady’s eye, and will proceed with a long lecture on moderation and self-restraint.
Why not come visit me at the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel and spend a day at the spa yourself?
Just don’t be surprised if you see a strikingly handsome parrot and a… er… chubby cheeked pink-backed pelican living it up next to the pool.