New Virtual Tour at Vaalnest website

Posted by Collen on Wed November 18, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

A new Virtual Tour is set to give any person a real time experience of what Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is all about, view our crystal clear live virtual scenes from all the facilities.

The Vaalnest Boutique Hotel Virtual Tour is a step ahead in achieving what we set to achieve that is to give the guest and any person a live experience with nature. Get to explore every facility at Vaalnest in the comfort of your own computer or mobile phone. Crystal clear live pictures make for a beautiful tour at our luxurious hotel, view all rooms and get a feel of what accommodation is like at this quiet romantic setting. View our outdoor Spa area and get intoxicated by the nature that surrounds this beautiful setting. The Vaalnest Boutique Hotel Virtual Tour is a magnificent peace of kit that adds to the whole experience of Vaalnest. If you want to view the Tour simply place your cursor on the Facility page, a drop down menu will occur and simply click on Virtual Tour and start experiencing Vaalnest live as if you are there. Lookout for our new easy access click through to our Functions and Events page, this easy access allows you to swiftly access the page and simply make your bookings without the hassle. Keep visiting our website for other new things that will come this Festive season.