Morning After…

Posted on Wed December 9, 2009.

Being the royal bird that I am, I do not partake in scandalous tittle-tattle of any kind. Even though I would like to tell you more about my escapades with the Countess Flammy Flamenco, being a bona fide gentleman puts a ceiling on the banter. All I can afford to tell, is that after a long evening of frivolous pleasures accompanying the Madame, what better way is there to recover from the dazzling, darling Countess’s er… bedazzlements than with a pot of steaming Brazilian coffee, and then desperately attempting to catch some shut-eye before sunrise.
I, His Royal Highness King Reginald Casper the Third, love flaunting my new sporty pair of Nike Air Max trainers. I pompously brag with them when I occasionally honor guests with my company to Klipkraal’s hiking trail. Although I much rather prefer to lazily idle away my time on the shady deck of mi casa, the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, exploring through the bush and open grasslands proved to be quite an adventure. Apart from the spectacular birdlife (caught glimpses of a few flirtatious females, wink wink, DEFINITE potential in the area…), I also laid eyes upon a couple of zebras and even a wildebeest. Klipkraal is situated a convenient 5km away, and gives you the perfect excuse to show off your Nike’s!
If you prefer to unruffle your feathers in a more relaxing style, I’d recommend chilling at the irresistible Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, keeping a lazy eye on the biggest inland yacht race in the world, the “Round the Island Yacht Race”. People from all across the country convene at the Vaal Dam to see hundreds of yachts silently sailing together. This annual race even holds a Guinness World Record!
I plan to retire to my private lounge for the rest of the day. Blogging is hard work… Some birds need water; I need an open bottle of 99’ Merlot.