Moonlight and Kisses

Posted on Wed May 26, 2010.

It was dark quite soon. The friendly moon smiled upon our little party as we relaxed on our deck chairs. Water lapped hypnotically at the sides of the sleek yacht.
It was a magical evening.
We dined and laughed and danced to dreamy violin music. We sat for hours and gazed admiringly at the twinkling lights of the beautiful 4* Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, otherwise known as my kingdom, across the big expanse of water. Pelicanus was soon snoring away like a chain saw. Flammy joined her slightly baritone zzzz-zzzz to his. That left Ronda and me. The captain, chef and waiter had tactfully excused themselves and were playing a card game somewhere on the yacht. I sat closer to Ronda and folded my wing around her. She sighed happily and rested her head on my shoulder. The violinist was still dutifully playing on the back ground. Ronda snuggled ever closer and soon enough we were kissing the night away. Hopla-di-hopla-da. I sure hoped the night would never end.