Monster Fishes at the Vaal Dam?

Posted on Thu February 14, 2013.

Do you have dreams of catching Monster Fishes at the Vaal Dam?
At the Vaal Nest Boutique Hotel we keep our ears to the ground about fishing news in the Vaal Marina area of the Vaal Dam. If any fisherman book into the hotel for a fishing expedition or a weekend break away, we would like them to share their fishing stories with us.
The Vaal Dam is 47 meters deep at some places. Enough space for fish to grow into monster sizes? But does it?
Fish experts say species like the Barbel can only grow to it’s maximum size. Sorry to prick your dreams of the BIG one you are going to catch one day!
It is true that Barbel up to 20 kg has been caught in the Vaal Dam. Still any fishermans dream … But no reports yet of bigger monsters hiding in the deep waters.
If you have any recording of a bigger one, please let us know!
We have not read any reposts of any Carp over 20 kg caught in the Vaal Dam. Reports of the biggest carp cought in the dam vary.
The species you can catch at the Vaal dam is: Mudfish, Small- and Largemouth Yellowfish and in a few areas the Largemouth Bass and even Grass Carp.