Malay Curry

Posted on Sat April 20, 2013 in Good food.

Some of the most popular dishes on Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at Vaal Marina, Vaal Dam’s menu, are our curries. I came across this great curry recipe:



Before you start cooking Cape Malay chicken you need to arrange the ingredients. Here are the ingredients you are going to need to prepare delicious and tasty Cape Malay chicken curry.

Chicken breasts (it is better if you cut them into halves).

4-5 medium size potatoes. You need to peel then properly.

2-3 onions properly and finely chopped.

2-3 green tomatoes peeled and chopped properly.

3-4 garlic cloves crushed well

2 tbs grated ginger

Crushed cardamom seeds and ground cinnamon

3-4 star anise

5-6 tsp curry powder

220 ml coconut milk

2 tbsp fruit chutney

3 tbsp extra virgin oil

Salt, sugar and pepper according to taste

Put one chopped onion along with ginger and garlic in your food processor. Wait till it becomes a smooth paste. You need to marinate the chicken with this paste and keep it aside for couple of hours. The chicken will become tender and this way it will taste good.

Now you need to heat oil in a sauce pan. You need to add the rest of the chopped onion and fry till it becomes brown. Now you need to add the rest of the spices in it. After that you need to add the cardamom, star anise and fry for couple of minutes. Then you need to mix the curry powder in it and sauté for few minutes in medium heat. You can mix little bit of coconut milk and water in case the mixture gets too sticky.

Now once the mixture is fragrant looks good you need to mix the marinated chicken in it and also add the chopped tomatoes in it. Mix well with the mixture and cook it for some time. You need to add the coconut milk then and stir non stop for 5-6 minutes. The mixture must cover the chicken properly. Then you need to cover the saucepan and let it cook in it low medium heat for 40-50 minutes. You need to lift the lid sometimes in between and scrape the bottom properly. Once it is done you need to serve it hot with white rice.