Make your own massage oil

Posted on Sat June 1, 2013 in Couple time.

All couples know that it can be hard to keep the romance in a relationship. Work, stress, the kids, and a million other things seem determined to ruin any chance at intimate moments. Still, there are ways to keep your love life from disappearing entirely. Some, like exotic vacations and fancy dinners, are too expensive for a lot of us to do on a frequent basis. However, others can be enjoyed by couples with minimal expense. Nothing says love like a romantic massage given by one partner to the other. You do not have to be a professional masseuse to ignite a little passion, either. All you really need is to set the mood and use a wonderfully fragranced massage oil.
The base of every good massage oil is vegetable oil, preferably a variety that is light and nourishing. While virtually any vegetable oil you have on hand that is liquid at room temperature will suffice, certain oils offer cosmetic benefits that make them especially desirable for massage use. One of the most nourishing and common of these is olive oil. It is a rich oil that penetrates the skin to provide a heavy dose of moisture. However, it can have a powerful scent and overly thick consistency on its own, so you may wish to blend it with another lighter oil.
Certain herbal extracts called essential oils are reputed to have aphrodisiac powers. Among the most popular of these are cinnamon, orange, and ylang ylang. When combined, the aromatherapeutic power of these oils is said to magnify.
To make your massage oil, mix together a half-cup of olive oil and a half-cup of hazelnut oil in a clean glass bowl. To this, add ten drops of cinnamon oil, ten drops of orange oil, and twenty drops of ylang ylang oil. Bottle the mixture immediately after blended, as essential oils evaporate quickly when exposed to the air. Store your massage oil in a glass container since the essential oils tend to break down plastic over time.
How to Use It
When you are ready to use your massage oil, have your partner lie down and get comfortable. Measure out two to three tablespoons of your oil, transfer it to a microwave safe dish, and heat it for fifteen to thirty seconds or until it is about body temperature. Pour some oil onto your palms, spread it over your hands, and begin your massage. Follow your partner’s lead to give the perfect massage, taking your time so he or she can appreciate your touch and the oil’s aroma. To further enhance the mood, try playing soft music in the background and lighting candles.
Trying this recipe is the first step to achieving instant romance with your loved one. By making an effort to add more passion to the relationship, you and your partner are bound to become closer. Together, you can practice massage techniques while you relax and savour the moment. So after making this recipe, turn down the lights and share it with the one you love.
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