Posted on Thu March 18, 2010.

It was official. I, King Reginald Casper the third was in love. For the very first time in my existence I was suffering from that wonderful, crazy thing called L-O-V-E. Pelicanus made a few summersaults and even did the rain dance when he got the sniff in the nose. He was given me the thumbs-up sign and wriggling eyebrow maneuver whenever I happened to glance his way as I showed my love around the breathtaking gardens of the 4* Vaalnest Boutique Hotel situated in my kingdom, Vaal Marina.
It seemed like the measuring tape had become a permanent fixture at the tip of Pelicanus’ wing. He sported it constantly and measured everything he came in touch with, thoroughly convinced the royal wedding of the year was on the way. Imagine that!

Me, myself and I finally deciding to settle down – and as yet I did not even ask the lady’s name! I will instruct my staff at Vaalnest to host the biggest and grandest valentine’s ball ever for me and my one and only.