Let’s Plant a Tree with Vaalnest

Posted by Vaalnest on Mon June 1, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Conservation of the environment is our number one priority, we look back at how the progress of the tree initiative has been. Be part of the movement and visit Vaalnest to get your very own gift pack with seeds and start growing.

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is known to be an environmental friendly 4star hotel that pushes the boundaries of Responsible Tourism further than anybody in the industry. After conducting a recent assessment regarding our resource usage and sustainability, the tree initiative has become the forefront in making our mark to lowering carbon footprint. With that said we must urge people to take matters into their own hands by joining the movement of the Vaalnest Tree plantation across the whole of South Africa. Your visit to this eloquent hotel will ensure a captivating stay that’s full of adventure with no compromises, thus we will make sure with all that luxury experience, clients will get a gift pack that includes seeds ready for planting. We must remind our visitors about our environmental initiative and that we as hotel stand firm behind conservation making us value the importants of fair trade in the industry we operate in and ensuring a sustainable measure is put in place for future generations to survive. Visit our Conservation page and follow a live update on how many trees Vaalnest with the help of many people across the country have planted. See you soon Vaalnest!!!!!