Leisure travel with Vaalnest

Posted by Collen on Tue April 28, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Day-trippers and Adventure travellers would love the accessibility of this area, being that it so easy to locate with its proximity to major cities and towns around Gauteng. The Vaal makes it welcoming for tourists to often come back and visit the towns which have different restaurants that make a variety of foods depending on your taste and culture. The Vaal Dam is the highlight of it all and it is today still popular with fishing and other water sports amongst the locals. With all this must come Luxury accommodation in and around the Vaal and there is no compromise when it comes to the tranquillity which is nature driven and attracts most people and what the locals got to know. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel includes some of the sort after unique settings in the Vaal to cater for that newlywed couple or family that wants first class treatment in a tranquil setting and is surrounded by nature. So whether you travel for business or leisure, Vaalnest offers luxury accommodation in the Vaal that is uniquely packaged to suite you. From a well-appointed presidential suite overlooking at the view of the Vaal Dam, to the balconies with garden chairs and a superb garden that hosts indigenous bird species. Some of the amenities in the rooms include a sitting lounge and a huge bathroom suite to make you feel like a king. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel boasts some of the most natural architectural building styles known to men, from the earthy gold like colour scheme that is seen carried out in the rooms, it is no wonder this hotel stands firm when it comes to luxury accommodation because being unique is all about standing out from the rest and making sure people feel that all around. Luxury accommodation in the Vaal has never been so simple and warm, it is when one only returns to the buzz of the city where you actually realise just how therapeutic it is to spend some time around the Vaal Dam. Whether you go for activities to bring out the adrenaline in you, you are sure to leave here with a beautiful lasting impression of luxury and natural beauty. With an abundance of activities to choose from, Vaalnest is the epitome of therapy for body, mind and soul.