Kalahari and Vaalnest Facial Product Training continues…

Posted by Collen on Fri July 3, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

The Kalahari Product Training allows for therapist to build better product knowledge on a wide range of Kalahari organic products.

Clients can now find themselves having so many options when it comes to buying more facial products. On the 29th June 2015 Kalahari Training for facial products commenced, and saw 2 of our therapist gain site in increasing their facial product knowledge that Kalahari provides. The training covered most of what facial treatments should be like and how to treat patients with serious skin problems. There are 3 facial treatments which are now added within the basic Kalahari facial treatments.

  • Phyto Compound treatment mask
  • Baobab Phyto acid treatment
  • Phyto enzyme Compound Treatment (not for sensitive skin) because of the enzyme it is only used for pre-mature aging skin or patients with serious problematic skin and oily skin.

The overall training for facial products took almost the whole day where demonstrations of live treatments were carried out. Samples of each new facial product was also on display and given to therapist to try. The emphasizes was on Kalahari displaying products that aren’t permitted to be on a client’s skin for more than 2min, these products are highly effective and may cause damage to skin if ignored by therapist. Also a mixture of products can be done by the therapist such as Phyto Compound Clay with the Mud or powder and the addition of liquid to those forms part of your extract which is the Botanical Fibre Blend, makes for an all-round pure skin treatment that has long lasting effects.

Kalahari also launched the July Promo that is valid until the 17th July 2015, Purchase...

1 Phyto Firming Neck Mask for R197 and

1 Phyto Barrier Protection for R245...

and you will receive a 25ml Radiance Day Serum FREE! which is good for dry skin. Visit the Vaalnest Spa for a treatment of your choice.


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