It’s a new year, let us prepare a superb Team Building session for you.

Posted by Collen on Mon January 11, 2016 in Conferencing & Team Building .

Team Building at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is the perfect choice for your workers to get energized for the New Year.

Last year we covered various team effort games that pushes the limit when it comes to working together as a team and building a solid relation with fellow co-workers in any working environment. Team Building has always involved various challenging games and activities that aim to highlight different obstacles faced in any working environment. These obstacles can be very challenging depending on how well you and your co-workers work together. When it comes to Team Building at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel we have a wide selection of games and activities that are designed according to everyone capabilities and strengths. Other activities require trust and games that test mental fitness, a good opportunity to build the needed values and work ethic here needed. The only reason which makes Team Building at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel a good choice is that we sell an experience that incorporates luxury with nature, an experience that will filter in the minds of every guest. Our location is ideal for these outdoor activities as we are situated in the banks of the Vaal Dam. If you want more than just an adventure and crazy games this year, you can get in touch with nature through the power of music, incorporate Dance and Musical activities in your Team Building Sessions. Here is a brief overview:

Drumming has widely been overlooked as a Team Building activity, but interestingly it makes for a great session where your team gets to understand one another through the power of music. Find the connecting beat with team members by take part in this indoor Team Building activity that teaches teams to drum in unison and create new melodies. Ideal for good team work and require consistent team effort. Gumboot Dancing is another musical activity that requires extensive team work to make this work out perfectly, after all you and your team want the best results for the company so surely this will give you the opportunity to dance and celebrate to make up for all the great achievement.

Vaalnest Area Map shows the Tapimanzi Adventure location that is ideal for any adventure traveller and Team Building session. Book your Team Building session with us and be sure to have an experience of a lifetime. Nothing beats an adventure outing that’s affordable and allows for a wide range of activities included in one package. 


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