How fisherman “read” the water

Posted on Sat May 4, 2013.

The Vaal Dam area in the environment of the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, Vaal Marina is considered a Mecca for fisherman. One of the secrets of a successful trip to the dam is the ability to “read” the murky water of the dam to know where the fish are hiding.
A fisherman knows to look for tell tale sighs of fish beneath the surface.
A fisherman says it is surprising what one can see if you know what signs to look for. An experienced fisherman can “see” beneath the surface.
“The science and art of reading water is far easier than you might think. It’s possible to fish waters with zero visibility once you know what to look for. You’ll be able to figure out where to fish and why fish are holding in any reach of water,” he says.
His advice is to talk to more experienced fisherman at a fishing spot.
“Try to remember that when looking for fish you won’t see the exact outline you might find in a drawing. Surface undulations make it virtually impossible to see a perfect outline, that’s where the art of reading water comes into play,” he says.