Hotels and Malls

Posted on Wed May 5, 2010.

We dined in style at the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel and as usual the very capable and highly trained staff pulled out all the stops in ensuring we had an amazing time. We were treated with the very best cuisine prepared in the well-stocked kitchen. Afterwards we went for a swim in the pool and ordered cocktails to be served to us in the water as we gazed out over the mighty expanse of the Vaal Dam. Lights from countless sailboats bobbed merrily on the water and the night had a dreamy quality. I could swear I even heard violins playing in the background, but that could’ve been a cocktail too many talking. Ronda and Flammy were engaged in a conversation the likes I had never seen or heard. They were hanging onto each other’s beaks as they exchanged one story after another. Flammy regaled Ronda with all the adventures she had had as a countess partying up a storm and Ronda told Flammy about all the latest fashion shows she had attended in Paris and Milan. Even Pelicanus forgot to be peculiar for a while and joined us for a round of drinks. 

Ronda and Countess Flammy decided to go on a wild, never-to-be-forgotten shopping trip to the nearby Vaal Mall. They invited Pelicanus along who, to my heartfelt relief, agreed to be their dashing escort. As usual Pelicanus went all the way and even dressed the part as heavyweight bouncer cum body guard. He donned a suave looking pair of sunglasses and carried an ivory cane with aplomb. When I kissed Ronda lingeringly goodbye on her delectable reddish-stained beak I found Pelicanus staring at me with a ferocious frown among his bushy eyebrows and I dutifully took a step back. Flammy clenched her gold credit card in her over long fingernail painted talon with a look that clearly said, ‘bring on some serious shopping’. She seemed to be wearing all her bling-bling for the occasion and was sure to attract a lot of attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two dames ended up on the cover of a well-known fashion mag. My, I wish you could’ve seen them as they clapped their wings and set of in the general direction of the Vaal Mall where all kind of wonderful shopping adventures awaited them.