Hotel Star Ratings Explained

Posted by Gugu on Wed October 26, 2016 in Responsible Tourism & Environmental News.

Star ratings: one of the things you need to consider before booking into a hotel if you want to receive exceptional service

Have you ever wondered what star ratings are? Do you ever ask yourself whenever you see these stars while you are visiting a certain hotel? Well I got all the answers for you

Hotel star ratings are normally used to categorize hotels according to their quality standards. The hotel star rating system is generally reliable, however the rating may either be done by a private company or possibly the hotel itself. For instance the Tourism Grading Council graded and assessed Vaalnest Boutique Hotel in order for people to recognize its quality and excellent service. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel has formed partnership with the Tourism Grading Council to achieve the highest level of quality assurance and promote good customer satisfaction.

Hotel stars differ enormously, for instance one to two star hotel have minimal furnishing and may not have private bathrooms. Three star hotels normally have furnishing, private bathrooms and a mini restaurant. Four star hotel takes a further step up in terms of top class service, magnificent décor, top class dishes, valet parking, a bar and an open restaurant where people can dine and eat freely. Four star hotel often have privacy and big rooms that provide space for other things you may want to do. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is rated as a four star hotel and we often ensure we offer quality to our customers.

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