Healthy snacks

Posted on Sat May 18, 2013 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

Cereals, breads and starches
Low-GI, wholewheat, brown or rye bread or buns, various healthy breads, crisp bread (rye or wheat), wholewheat biscuits
• Pita bread, or hot dog/hamburger rolls, or pancakes/flapjacks, or mini pizzas, or bagels (buy the wholewheat varieties if possible)
Wholewheat muffins or muffins made with fresh fruit like banana, dried fruit like raisins/sultanas/dates, or nuts; cheese muffins
Oat cakes or oat crunchies, health or energy bars (only for children who are very active and who don’t have a weight problem as these foods are quite high in fat)
Granola cereal or unbuttered popcorn
Muesli or bran rusks
Rice cakes (buy various flavors)
• Baked potato with a filling
• Potato salad (use lite salad dressing or dilute mayonnaise with fat-free yogurt)
Cooked corn on the cob or mielie bread
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