Happy workers = loyal workers

Posted on Tue January 8, 2013.

In a career of 30 years I have experienced a lot of love and joy. Lots of job satisfaction. I have made my best and dearest friends in the workplace. I met my husband in the workplace.
I was once fortunate to work at a company who treated me like a human being. Workers were treated like family members and loyalty formed a strong team. We worked long hours without complaining and walked the extra mile.
But a few years ago things started changing. The company started treating us like numbers. We became part of a money making machine.
It was very sad to experience. The whole dynamics of the company changed. The team spirit fell apart.
This happened to a lot of companies the past years. And I believe that “team building” started becoming a buzz word when companies realized they need stronger relationships between boss and worker and co workers to build a better company.
Team Building Companies help big corporate companies to mend human relationships in the work place. Most companies who have done regular team building sessions the past years started reaping the benefit.
A worker who feels he/she is an essential part of the team, is a loyal dedicated worker.
Take a group of workers out of the office and let them enjoy a team building session away from deadlines and budgets … and you will take a stronger team back to the office. – Martie Swanepoel