Posted on Tue February 23, 2010.

Elvis is visiting me this morning. Yeah, the real and very much alive hound dog, Elvis the Pelvis. His white sequined catsuit and Gucci sunglasses, sparkle ferociously in the moonlight as he steps from the emerged submarine onto the canoe. His Gibson guitar sway from its shoulder band as he settles in the canoe and peremptory waves a command to be rowed to shore.  “I’m all shook up, King Reggy,” he croons in that million dollar voice when he steps onto shore and took my wing. “Never mind, you’re always on my mind although everyone seem to have suspicious minds,” I tell him as we walk up to my castle.  “Ah, the Vaalnest… it’s not a heart break hotel,” Elvis smiles and do that thing with his hips before he takes a seat in the lounge and puts up his blue suèdeshoes. “I surrender.” “Yeah,” Isaid, “Sometimes a little less conversation goes a long way.”  “Hey now, Reggie,” he wriggles his eyebrows, “don’t be cruel. I haven’t got a wooden heart. You’ll. have me crying in the chapel. You’ve got to love me tender, you know.” “Oh, don’t cry, daddy. Just look at the blue moon, Elvis, it’s just for you,” I gesture at the sparkling sky and reach over to give him a teddy bear.   With that Elvis jumps up, grab his guitar and shouts “Let the jail house rock” and starts to sing “You gave me a mountain”.    Hmph, I am sooo glad he seems to have forgotten about “Can’t help falling in love with you.”