Great accommodation near the Vaal Dam this Festive Season.

Posted by Collen on Mon December 14, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

With the vast arid land and majestic sceneries, one cannot ignore the beauty of the Vaal Dam.

Apart from the vast wilderness and raw nature of the Vaal, there is a softer and rather a luxury side of it all. Various great places to spoil your family or that one special partner can blend the sophistication and nature like experiences together to make for a memorable stay. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is the epitome accommodation near the Vaal Dam, this luxurious hotel has earned its name because of the unique beautiful location it operates in. more so the people and the overall nature experience is guaranteed at this hotel. This Festive Season makes for a great visit at Vaalnest due to the new Itineraries that are now part of a whole new accommodation special offer. After all what’s a holiday without activities and good food which makes it the best way to experience the culture of a place. Apart from all the exclusivity here are few itinerary activities to try when considering any accommodation near the Vaal Dam.

  • Various water sports - water skiing, canoeing, sailing, kite surfing
  • Bird watching- for that avid bird watcher and animal lover
  • Deneysville Golf Course – for the fun and relaxing way to enjoy your holiday
  • Casino – Emerald Casino for a night of entertainment and fun
  • Vaal Dam Nature Reserve – features bird watching and other animals for those that love nature as a whole.
  • Vaal Dam Boat Cruise
  • Crocodile Ranch
  • Deneysville Bike Museum
  • Lion Farm

So just as a reminder to all, Vaalnest Boutique Hotel adheres to a policy of service standards and conforms to its values of customer satisfactory, as such our highly trained professional staff and in house events coordinator will ensure that your stay in our environmentally friendly hotel is a memorable one. Include these above activities and more as part of your stay and be sure to get an all-round outdoor feel experience in this magnificent wilderness. Visit the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel website for accommodation packages and special offers.