Giving back to the community

Posted by Gugu on Thu October 20, 2016 in Vaalnest News.

Vaalnest uplifts and transforms the community in which they operate

Vaalnest is currently working with the community to create Tourism businesses with upcoming entrepreneurs that will someday enable them to run those businesses. Our hotel is committed to uplifting and changing  how the surrounding communities operate. Vaalnest has pledged to identify entrepreneurs of which they would provide them with skills in order to develop an appropriate business venture. When these tourism businesses succeed, they will look to employ about 500 people around the community.

Vaalnest also make use of mentors to equip and develop entrepreneurs to properly bung up the gaps and needs for to up keeping and heightening the tourism offerings on the Vaal dam. Vaalnest looks to employ local community members that would be provided with training and be mentored so that they receive more skills. Once the community members pass the training, they are then offered a chance to build their own brands while Vaalnest helps with funding.

Other initiatives towards the community is that we provide work assistance for students completing their hospitality and tourism courses. This enables students to apply the theory they have learnt and to have a better understanding on applying what they have been taught.

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