Geographical features, Vaalnest highlights the facts.

Posted by Collen on Tue May 19, 2015 in Responsible Tourism & Environmental News.

The Vaal Dam lies on the Vaal River, which is one of South Africa's strongest-flowing rivers. Here's a short overview on some features found in this region and across the globe.

Any geographical features of the earth can directly be referred to as the constituents of our planet. According to research these features can be known as famous locations and sites across the globe i.e. wonders of the world. As mentioned there are natural and man-made geographical features. Natural features include landforms like the geographical formations of the Drakensberg Mountains or the Grand Canyon National Park which took years to form as a result of shifting tectonic plates and also flooding of water that rushes down which over time causes deep valleys and gorges. The Vaal Dam forms part of a diverse ecosystem which some indigenous plants can be found, it is also a tranquil spot for different birds to call it home making it the perfect place for the avid bird watcher. Artificial features include engineered constructions like the Vaal Dam and small bridges, The Vaal Dam Wall forms part of this classification and fulfils the purpose in which it was built for. This dam serves as a source of water and feeds straight to the Vaal Marina town and other nearby areas in Gauteng. Remember like any geologist or environmental scientist, 3 key characteristics are used to mark a feature, you can also do the same.

  • Points: Information associated with a single location like an oil well or reservoir.
  • Lines: The location when described by a string of co-ordinates like the Vaal River or R54 road linking Vereeniging and Villiers.
  •  Areas: A location defined by a closed string of co-ordinates much like the Mid-Vaal. Taken from the Innovateus page, “Polygonal data include forest stands, climatic zones and soil classification areas”, thus this information would only be relevant for use when geologist want to allocate natural resources or an application of those.
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