For worse … and for better

Posted on Tue January 8, 2013 in Couple time.

With South Africa’s high divorce statistics it seems that couples concentrate more on the “for worse” part than the “for better” passage in the wedding vows.
I recently talked to a woman who persuaded her husband of 20 years to climb Kilimanjaro with her.
He was not a happy chap when she announced the adventure. First of all, mountain climbing is not his idea of fun … and his job, oh his job … He believed his company would fall apart in his absence of three weeks.
But he is lucky, het married a very persuasive lady. She won the battle and the couple flew off to Tanzania to climb the famous mountain together.
They were fit and well prepared, she says, but not mentally. With her husband’s long working hours they grew apart the past decade.
“The first three days on the mountain we wanted to kill each other! We fought about everything.
As they climbed the mountain in a very slow and growling pace, they started to communicate more, she says.
“We were away from the kids and his job. We pretty much didn’t have a choice but to communicate!”
The fighting decreased and they started re discovering each other.
“When we reached the summit, our marriage also celebrated a peak.”
Hubby very reluctantly agreed afterwards that the trip up the mountain was the best idea his wife ever had (besides marrying him …)
They made one very important promise to each other on Kilimanjaro.
“It is now the golden rule of our relationship: We make a regular appointment to go off alone on an adventure and our relationship is better than ever. I think I fell in love with old Grumpy all over again!” – Martie Swanepoel