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Posted by Collen on Wed July 15, 2015 in Responsible Tourism & Environmental News.

Things to Do in the Vaal – Vaalnest Boutique Hotel

Visit Blog on Vaal for all the latest trends and events happening in the Vaal, get the feel of our magnificent sites and sceneries as well as other things to do that will keep you very much alive. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel wants to Thank Blog On Vaal for their magnificent work in their social media platforms as well as online mediums to build an awareness on the Vaalnest Brand within our facility development projects. A lot has went into building the Vaalnest Spa from the ground up to what it is today, much of the work is still ongoing in making it even bigger. Clients will soon find themselves having to do each treatment from different areas in the Hotel, from getting Therapy in your rooms to outdoor treatments specifically built and even named for that treatment. Vaalnest is also proud to announce the fully operational Cycling Tours, recent guests had a blast in site seeing the quiet Vaal Marina. Our management team however is on the process of getting a tour guide in an attempt to create Vaalnest Tours as one facility which will incorporate the current Cycling Tours and other Tours. Visit our Facebook page and like us to get more information on upcoming events like the Womens Day High Tea on 22nd August 2015. Follow @blogonvaal to have your say on twitter about what’s happening in the Vaal right now. Visit our website for more information on various Special packages we offer at Vaalnest, also Click on the About us Page to read our policy with regards to our Technical Developments and Investments.   


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