Fly like an eagle

Posted on Mon December 17, 2012.

Fly like an eagle
“You have to stop running with turkeys. That is your biggest mistake. Get rid of them.”
I thought Andrew was a bit harsh.
How can I delete/eliminate every negative person in my life?
“The just gwabble gwabble around you. Moaning and bitching. But they never try to fly. That’s why you will never fly. You identify with them and do not believe you can fly like an eagle. ”
Jo, Andrew, I thought, who do you think you are? What do you know about my flying skills?
“I know,” he said. “I have been a turkey before.”
I have been attending mentorship classes with this young man because … well I had nothing else to do on Monday evenings and a friend dragged me along. I admit. I was not enthusiastic.
After I attended a Life Couching seminar a few years ago I got very cynical about life lessons. It cost me a fortune and the file I received was just a compilation of things I could have read on the internet myself. I am still, waiting for my certificate.
So what drew me to attend Andrew’s classes the past few weeks?
He talks from the heart and from experience. His honesty is blatant. Yes, sometimes he is a bit straight forward, I think.
But, what can I say? Most of the things he says is true.
I have been friends with one of the most negative persons in the world for 30 years. Why? I love her and try to understand her.
A week after Andrew’s turkey-lesson I shared my joy about a great opportunity with this friend.
Ping! Kapow!
She pricked my bubble with negativity: “What if this happens? What if that happens?”
Fear, fear, fear … and she eliminated a large piece of my enthusiasm and joy.
I heard Andrew’s voice in the back of my mind: “Gwabble gwabble gwabble gwabble.”
It dragged me down and suddenly my wings felt heavy.
My friend has wonderful qualities. But she is afraid to try anything new. She is afraid to fly and tries her best to persuade you it is a bad idea to fly.
That’s what I realized after I thought about my pricked bubble.
Get some soap and water! I have to blow the biggest bubble in the world!
That’s the lesson I learnt. I allow turkeys to steal my dreams and passion. And I have to do something about it.
Blow big bubbles of joy and hope and protect it!
If you are scared and have that nagging feeling of “What if … What if …” You will never fly.
I decided that I would not “delete” her from my life. I love her too much! I will just stop paying attention to her negative opinions and steer our conversations towards more positive things.
It is easier with people you are not emotionally attached to.
On Facebook and Twitter you can just click on DELETE.
I have started listening with more attention to my young mentor.
Negativity, racism, gossip ….
Click click click and the turkeys vanish from my life.
And … yes … I can feel my wings getting lighter.
I think I will be ready to take off soon! – Martie Swanepoel