Fishing is good for your mental health!

Posted on Wed February 6, 2013.

Yes, we knew it! It is now official: Fishing is good for your mental health!
Book a fishing trip to the Vaalnest Boutique hotel at Vaal Marina at the Vaaldam and prevent a heart attack
The hotel, situated in its own untouched botanical garden is one of Sedibeng’s undiscovered jewels. It offers accommodation at the Vaaldam for the fisherman who wants to enjoy luxury rooms and fine dining after a day in the sun.
An American research team has shown what we knew all along.
The study from the University of Southern Maine, the University of Utah, and the Salt Lake City VA suggests American war veterans, who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), should take up the fishing rod. They also found that people who fish regularly are more relaxed and it reduces their risk of a heart attack.
Now, what better excuse to organize a weekend getaway at Vaal Marina at the Vaaldam? Just what the doctor ordered! Vaalnest Boutique Hotel in Vaal Marina is just an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and falls in the Midvaal area. It is near Vereeniging and is one of the most scenic sites of Gauteng. The tranquil environment also offers water activities and is a birder’s paradise.
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