Fish & Fans..

Posted on Thu May 13, 2010.

I took the opportunity to go bass fishing at a favourite spot not too far away from the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel.  My kitchen staff kindly packed me a smoking hot lunch I could enjoy at the water’s edge.  I hopped onto an orange coloured scooter and happily set out with my fishing pole at an odd angle.  The day was peaceful and serene.  The mighty waters of the Vaal Dam looked still and tranquil and I cast in with all the excited buoyancy of a seasoned fisherman.  Cast in, katrol out.  The rhythm was soothing and my mind wandered to faraway places.  I was dreaming of beautiful Ronda on a careening carousel…  Flammy on a winning streak at the local casino… Me having a gin and tonic the size of a soccer ball…  Life as I knew it was pure bliss.  I was still sighing my incredible luck when the fish started to nibble away on the brightly coloured fake bait.  I caught seven beautiful bass in a record time and was smiling and singing at the top of my voice when I finally straddled the scooter again as if it was a white stallion carrying me off to my castle.

Ronda, Flammy and Pelicanus returned in high spirits.  Pelicanus, although heavily laden with colourful packages like a over-packed donkey, swaggered around on his knobbly knees like a mafia boss with a fat cigar in his beak.  Countess Flammy sported even more bling-bling and I had to make a quick grab for my sunglasses in order not to be blinded.  Ronda smiled at me secretively and wriggled her tail feathers in a way that had me gawking and quacking like a sitting duck being fed delicious morsels.  She proudly unearthed a huge soccer ball from one of her shopping bags and held it out to me as if she was presenting me with an Oscar no less.  It was filled with gin and tonic!  My, oh my…  I toasted FIFA, Bafana Bafana and every soccer team I could think of as I took a huge swig right there and then.  Pelicanus threw a t-shirt at me and I donned it quick as lightning to show my support for the soccer world cup.  King Reggy was ready to welcome soccer fans to his kingdom.  Let’s kick together!