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Posted by Collen on Wed November 11, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

The Bon Fire strategy is built around the notion that one must build an audience base to which you create a space for your business to have more awareness in public. Let’s look at what our social media platforms have done in this year alone.

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel has seen lots of changes within the hospitality industry, thus our business has only adapted to these changes. Some if these changes include our audience of which in last 5 years we have seen a significant increase in awareness. The Bon Fire element of social media teaches us how to connect with your audiences and how to apply various techniques into sharing stories with and amongst your audience.

Facebook: it has been said Facebook is still the number leading social media platform in businesses across the globe, unlike other social media platforms, Facebook has the ability to retain customers for a very long time rather than just create a following. Currently this year our page has seen a huge Like increase amongst travellers and other audiences pushing us to do more for the public by launching Special Offers. We are just 2 Likes away from reaching a Milestone of 500 likes making us a good runner up to some well-known accommodation places across the Vaal area. As a small business though, stating out in this industry you have to apply all your knowledge in marketing to build a good base so we must emphasize on our consistency to deliver luxury accommodation at a unique setting, making us leaders in the boutique segment across the Vaal. Our location alone speaks for itself so why not Like us on our Facebook page and get to interact with us as we bring you more blogs and links to our Vaalnest Page.

Google Plus: Being new to Google plus has its perks, thus when Vaalnest launched their new Google Plus page, we saw an instant hit amongst many audiences. Even though there’s a delay in terms of growth, Vaalnest Management hopes in the next year we will build an even larger following on our google plus. Please find us on google plus and let’s share the experience of travel.

Twitter: Currently Vaalnest has a good base on twitter and has seen even more followers in the past year.

YouTube: Click on the Africa Travel Productions to view the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel video, see our proudest work yet as you take a glimpse into an alluring nature experience with a touch of tranquillity. Currently the video is live on the Africa Travel Production however lookout for more in the near future.

Instagram: Vaalnest does not have an Instagram account available but feel free to like us on Facebook and share your thoughts on whether you’d would like the page to be live as we all get to interact even more by sharing our traveling experiences.