Energizing activities make for a well-rounded Team Building session.

Posted by Collen on Mon November 2, 2015 in Conferencing & Team Building .

The superb Vaalnest Conferencing Centre is at its peak as far as construction is concerned, so what if Team Building at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel just gave you more to do.

Last week we covered various team effort games that pushes the limit when it comes to working together as a team and building a solid relation with your fellow co-workers. We also stated that race challenging games are in fact what Teambuilding is designed and built for, so Vaalnest has created a page to highlight a few more activities that might be ideal for any Team Building session. In fact Team Building is the sole reason for these courses being designed and built. This week we look at games that are designed to energize your team rather to mentally exhaust them with race challenging activities. Drumming has widely been overlooked as a Team Building activity, but interestingly it makes for a great session where your team gets to understand one another through the power of music. Find the connecting beat or rhythm with team members by taking part in this indoor Team Building activity that teaches teams to drum in unison to create new profound melodies and tunes. Ideal for good team work and require consistent team effort. Gumboot Dancing is another musical activity that requires extensive team work to make this work out perfectly, after all you and your team want the best results for the company so surely this will give you the opportunity to dance and celebrate to make up for all the great achievement.