Einstein loved sailing!

Posted on Sat March 30, 2013.

Remember Einstein?

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is nestled in the quiant town of Vaal Marina at the Vaal Dam. A Mecca for yachting enthusiasts!
All our rooms have a view of the dam and most days you can see the splendor of a gracious yachts sailing on the water.
I was surprised to read the other day that Einstein was a keen sailor.
But, it seems our clever friend was not a very accomplished one!
I can just imagine the wild haired genius on his sail boat: losing direction often; his mast falling down regularly; how he absent minded would find himself running aground; or anxiously trying to prevent collisions with other vessels.
Even the New York Times reported about Einstein’s lack of talent as a sailor. He once ran aground on a sand bar near the mouth of the Connecticut River at Old Saybrook in 1935. The headline was: “Relative Tide And Sand Bars Trap Einstein.”
The same incident was reported in another newspaper: “Einstein’s Miscalculation Leaves Him Stuck On Bar Of Lower Connecticut River.”
It did not seem to prevent Einstein from sailing! An interesting and very disturbing fact was that he could not swim
In I944 his boat hit a rock and capsized on Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks.
To make matters worse, a rope entangled his leg. The genius was trapped!
Luckily he escaped and was saved by a passing boat.
It is quite an amusing fact that he always took a pencil and paper with him on his sailing adventures. He explained that if he got into life threatening trouble … he could write down his thoughts.
Einstein loved to be alone and it explains his love for sailing alone.
When I see the beauty of the sails of yachts from Vaalnest’s balcony, I now sometimes imagine a wild haired genius on his sailboat, tackling wild adventures on the water!