Discover 5 simple ideas to conquer online networking

Posted on Wed September 11, 2013 in Conferencing & Team Building .

  • First Impressions

Nobody likes to be bugged by someone they don’t really know. To acquire a good first impression with any new contacts within the industry, comment on how well they or the company is doing. Finding out if you could assist in their tasks at hand could only showcase your potential from the rest.

  • Share a little about yourself

Create your profile listing all your interests & completed projects, this could be the difference between you and the  next person. This will assist companies/interviewers when they search online for candidates for particular projects or needs.

  • Add a professional picture

Leaving this space blank might make you seem not real. Always add a professional picture. Putting a face to a human being goes a long way.

  • Sell yourself from your own platform

Nobody likes to be bugged by someone they don’t know. Utilizing some else’s page to promote yourself might get you deleted or your newly found friend might be left irritated. Beware

  • Keep it Professional

Recruiters or professionals in the industry excepting your friend/contact request are professionals. Remember that! They are not your friends. Poking them constantly on facebook or sending awkward jokes via Linkedin might just get you off their list. Keep it professional.